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For more than 25 years families have been trusting us to babyproof their homes and bring them peace of mind. Let us help you make your home safer for your baby. Our certified expert will come to your home to do a free (in most cases), no obligation home safety evaluation.  Here you will also find a selection of some of our most popular products that you can buy. Since we're professional baby proofers who go into homes every day and install the products we sell, we know which products work best and which ones to avoid and can provide the best support and installation advice for these products.
How can we help you?
Lots of parents aren't aware they'll need to babyproof their homes until their baby begins crawling, getting into everything and trying to put everything in their mouths. Babies love exploring, and they can get into trouble in just a few seconds, so you must be careful to monitor their every movement.

At this point parents realize they'll have to do some babyproofing. But where do you begin? Most parents don't know anything about babyproofing a home. How do you know how to recognize all the dangers in a home? How do you find out about all the different products on the market from dozens of different manufacturers? How do you know which products are reliable and where can you find them? How do you install them correctly? Do you have the requisite contracting knowledge and carpentry skills?
Why waste your precious free time on possible failed installation attempts and be left with damaged products that can't be returned and damaged stairways and walls that can be costly to repair? It can be overwhelming! Don't worry. We're here to help.

You can hire a well-trained, certified expert with years of experience to come to your home and help. We will start by showing you our time tested selection of quality baby safety products at competitive prices. Many of our products are not available in stores and some are even designed and manufactured exclusively for professional babyproofers. Most readily available products are designed for the mass market. It's not possible to manufacture products (especially safety gates) that will work in the countless different circumstances in all homes. It's also impossible to include in the package the correct installation hardware for every situation. Our installers have the years of experience necessary to make sure to select the appropriate product for a particular situation and bring a large selection of additional hardware to make sure the product is installed correctly and securely.

After showing you our products our expert will walk you through your home room by room. Our certified professional babyproofer is trained and has the experience to point out hazards you may not be aware of. Babyproofing is not just about the different products you can get to make your home safer.  It's also about educating parents about the hidden hazards in their home. A lot of what's involved in babyproofing a home has nothing to do with safety products. Many solutions have little to no cost and only require removing or moving dangerous items out of baby's reach. As we walk through your home with you, we will discuss your particular needs and wants and suggest simple, creative solutions specific to your home and your budget.

Right after the walk through is complete, our expert will create a detailed list of product recommendations based on our discussions, answer any questions you may have and leave it with you. When you're ready, based on your particular situation (finances, supervision and desires) you can let us know what you want. We can do the work exactly as we wrote it up, or you can pick and choose from the list of recommendations based on your personal needs. We offer as much or as little assistance as you would like in implementing the safety solutions you choose for your family. Just give us a call and we'll schedule a day convenient to your family to do the work. If you prefer to do the installation work yourself, we'll promptly supply the items you need from our extensive inventory and gladly answer any installation questions you may have.

Professionally babyproofing your home will bring you peace of mind knowing you've done your best to make your home a safer environment for your children. We invite you to take advantage of our training and experience and allow us to be there for you through the years as your children mature and your needs change.

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The Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation indicates that Steve Weinstein has met the exacting standards set by the International Association for Child Safety as to professional education, knowledge and experience in the field of child safety, ethics, business practices, installation of child safety products and child safety consulting.
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