Cabinet & Drawer Latches
Spring Drawer/Cabinet Latch

This is our favorite drawer & cabinet latch. It is the easiest to use and install. This single piece latch installs out of sight inside drawers and cabinets and allows them to be opened only about an inch. A simple push of its unique spring loaded pushbutton makes it easy for adults to use. The spring also automatically and securely snaps the latch into place upon closing the drawer or cabinet. Requires the drawer or cabinet to have a lip inside for the latch to catch on (see illustration). The lip should be no thicker than 3/4 inch. For European style drawers or cabinets which have no lip use one of our two piece latches below.

#GB-76192 Spring Drawer/Cabinet Latch .......... (Each) $1.99

2 Piece Swedish Nylon Drawer/Cabinet Latch

These 2 piece latches from Sweden install inside cabinets and drawers out of sight. They're made from nylon plastic to provide continuous, long lasting quality despite baby's yanks and pulls. Special safety grooves protect against easy operation. Locks automatically when drawer or cabinet is closed.

#KC-130 2 Piece Drawer/Cabinet Latch ............ (Each) $ 1.99

Safe-Lok Drawer/Cabinet Latch

The unique, patented difference between ordinary latches and this latch is its patented "Trap-Slot" design. It allows the door or drawer to open approximately 1 inch, and then locks in place so your child's fingers can't be pinched by the reclosing door. This latch is also somewhat harder to operate for added security.

#MH-356 Safe-Lok Drawer/Cabinet Latch ............ (Package of 6) $11.99

Cabinet Lock

Fits cabinet doors where handles or knobs are side by side. Fits through handles or over knobs up to 5-1/4 inches apart. Lock opens by placing firm pressure on the side buttons.

#GB-76186 Cabinet Lock ............ (Each) $2.95